Have you seen a WALDNER DOSOMAT in operation?


Have you seen a WALDNER DOSOMAT in operation?

See the value and performance only a DOSOMAT can deliver. There is always a steady stream of DOSOMAT filling and sealing machines on the production floor at the Waldner factory in scenic Wangen, Germany. The following machines are currently available for demonstration.

Contact Julian Stauffer to learn about these models and upcoming production schedules.
info@ptipacktech.com or j.stauffer@ptiusa.com, 914.337.2005.

DOSOMAT 10.4 for high capacities

DOSOMAT 10.4 for high capacities

Rotary machine for filling processed cheese with integrated packing tables for cartoning at the machine

DOSOMAT 10.3 - SuperLock

Rotary machine with evacuation and gas flushing for filling pate Closure is a special snap-on lid with twist cap

DOSOMAT 10.3 – SuperLock DOSOMAT 10.3 – SuperLock

DOSOMAT 1.2 - Compact, flexible, ultra-modern

Rotary machine with most advanced design
for small and medium capacities

DOSOMAT 1.2 – Compact, flexible,ultra-modern

DOSOMAT 12.3 - One machine for
all products

Rotary machine for filling dairy products
with large filling volumes

DOSOMAT 12.3 – One machine for all products

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