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PTI will exhibit at the upcoming Global Pouch Forum in Ft. Lauderdale, FL,June 12 - 14, 2013. The event takes place at the Westin Beach Resort in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. PTI will exhibit at the tabletop exhibition during the breaks and the evening reception on June 13. Julian Stauffer, manager of Packaging Systems, will give a presentation on June 14 during the Technologies & The Pouch Session on the topic of retort pouch quality control.

Technologies & the Pouch Session: Friday, June 14, 10:30 am
Innovations for Retort Pouch Quality Control

Retort pouch seal inspection has long been a costly and haphazard aspect of many pouching operations. Lack of definitive methodologies, quantitative results, and automated solutions have left a gap in the need for quality control. Alternative solutions to improve retort package seal inspection exist. Airborne ultrasound is a through transmission technology measuring the actual physical connectedness of materials, non-destructively identifying how well seal material is bonded. High Voltage Leak Detection detects product contamination in critical seal barriers.Ultrasonic Seal Energy Analysis detects inclusions and misaligned seals during the sealing process. This presentation will review quantitative case study results of each method, presenting key factors of success for implementing each solution. Each of these solutions brings pouching operations closer to Six Sigma reject levels after retort, providing a more automated andnon-subjective approach to retort pouch quality goals.

“PTI’s offering for the pouch industry is very unique in that we provide high performance, high speed pouch filling and sealing solutions, multi-process retort pouch thermal processing solutions, and specialized technologies to non-destructively test pouches for package and seal integrity,” commented Julian Stauffer. “The Global Pouch Forum is the industry’s leading pouch & flexible packaging conference that provides the opportunity to meet and network with a growing audience of CPG producers, brand owners and suppliers.”

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For more information about the Global Pouch Forum visit: http://www.globalpouchforum.com/

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