Waldner Dosomat Pouch Machines at Pack Expo



The Fastest, Most Efficient Pouch Filling Technology

Tuckahoe, New York (October 19, 2012) - PTI Packaging Systems will feature Waldner DOSOMAT Pouch Machinery during Pack Expo International, October 28 - 31, 2012 at McCormick Center, Chicago IL in Booth S-1349.

Waldner’s DOSOMAT Rotary and Inline Pouch systems offer solutions for low output pouch filling and high productivity, high-volume pouch filling applications. Each stage of this process insures extremely efficient control and handling of the pouch, multiple pouch filling options including advanced filling systems combined with ultrasonic sealing. PTI Packaging Systems also provides secondary packaging machinery solutions for retort, pasteurization, sterilization, and automated handling systems including downstream solutions for cartoning and case packing.

Julian Stauffer, applications engineer for PTI, commented, "A unique feature of the DOSOMAT pouch machine is the innovative pouch clamping system. The process of pouch opening, inward motion of the clamping system, top and bottom suction cups on both sides and airblast into the pouch occurs simultaneously in one rapid, efficient step."

Low output solutions and Pilot Lab solutions in rotary format
Capacity: single lane to four or more lane solutions ranging from 30 ~150 pouches per minute, application dependant.

For high-productivity, high-volume pouch filling Capacity: 250, 400, 750 up to 1,200 pouches/minute


  • High productivity, Lower cost of operation out-the-door
  • Less infrastructure, floor space and operators
  • Exceptional finished pouch presentation



  • Complete pouch control with servo driven pouch loading, opening, closing, & discharge
  • All critical functions operate in stationary mode
  • Innovative pouch clamping system
  • Concurrent pouch opening: inward motion of clamping system, top and bottom suction cups on both sides, and airblast



  • Ultrasonic sealing with optional cosmetic seal
  • Inline sampling, automated checkweighing with feedback
  • Complete servo control for optimized motion
  • Automated, controlled discharge to retort, integrated cartoning or case packing



  • Volumes from 25 grams to #10 can replacement pouches
  • Unlimited product fill applications
    • Hot, Cold or IQF
    • Particulates, pumpables and/or liquids
    • Retortable or shelf-stable products
  • Beverage applications with integrated straw applicators & chill process


PTI Packaging Systems
PTI is the Americas agent for Waldner located in Wangen, Germany. PTI Packaging Systems provides end-to-end packaging machinery solutions for pouch, sachet, stick pack, cup and tray filling & sealing applications. We offer leading technologies for retort, pasteurization, sterilization, and automated handling systems. PTI’s focus is to provide complete engineering and project management services for new and existing project requirements for the food, pharmaceutical, household and personal care industries.

Contact PTI
To obtain more information, please contact Julian Stauffer: j.stauffer@ptiusa.com. 800.532.1501 or 914.337.2005.
For media inquiries, please contact Michelle Wolf: m.wolf@ptiusa.com. 973.252.6039 or 973.479.8626.