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The following Waldner Dosomat Inline and Rotary Cup Filling and Sealing Machines are assembled in the production hall at the Waldner factory in Wangen, Germany. It’s the perfect time to plan a visit to Waldner to see these high performance machines in operation. Machines are currently available for viewing until the visit date indicated below; note that there may be some flexibility in available dates depending on shipping schedule for each machine. Please contact PTI to obtain more information:

Julian Stauffer: j.stauffer@ptiusa.com. 800.532.1501 or 914.337.2005
Jeffrey Crangle: j.crangle@ptiusa.com. 262.825.6757
Garry MacNeill: g.macneill@ptiusa.com. 800.532.1501 or 914.337.2005
Tony Stauffer: stauffer@ptiusa.com. 800.532.1501 or 914.337.2005


Dosomat 20.12 Servo with Integrated Packer
High performance inline-machine to fill dairy products in round plastic cups. Closure by sealing an aluminum lid. Two different formats are installed with fast changeover from one sup size format to another. The integrated case packer is designed for two different packing orders. The cups are put directly from the plate conveyor in plastic or carton trays, either 4 x 3 or 4 x 5.

Cup size: Ø 75mm / 95 mm, filling volume 200ml / 300ml
Capacity up to 25,000 cups/hour
Visit Date: Until August 17, 2012

Dosomat 20 Inline

DOSOMAT 20.4 Servo with Integrated Case Packer
Inline-machine for filling sausage/meat products in plastic cups, Closure by sealing an aluminum lid with additional snap-on lid. Product feed via carousel magazine, cup filling via multihead weigher. Features evacuation of the cup head space and subsequent gas flush. Cups are lifted by grippers and put into already positioned cartons.

Cup size: round/oval cup 96,6mm x 67.51mm, height 100mm, filling volume 165g/cup
Capacity up to 2,400 cups/hour
Visit Date: Until August 24, 2012

DOSOMAT 10.5 Servo
5-lane rotary machine to fill hot and cold sauces in plastic portion cups. Closure by sealing a plastic lid. Includes laminar air flow cabinet and cup/lid sterilization via UV-lamps.

Cup size: Ø 75mm, height 18mm / 24mm, filling volume 40g / 60g Capacity up to 12,000 cups / hour
Visit Date: Until August 24, 2012

Dosomat 16DOSOMAT 10.4 Servo
4-lane rotary machine for hot filling soups and sauces in plastic cups of different heights. Closure by plastic snap-on lid with tamper-proof seal. Features filling funnel with agitator mounted on top for equal filling of soup ingredients.

Cup size: Ø 104mm, filling volume 300g / 600g
Capacity up to 8,000 cups /hour
Visit Date: Until August 31, 2012

DOSOMAT 1.1 Servo with Additional UNIMAT Filler
Complete line for gourmet salads with separate cup positioned for different cup formats. Includes UNIMAT filler. Free space for manual filling and DOSOMAT 1 for cup sealing with plastic lid and snap-on lid.

Cup size: 112 x 85 mm - different heights
Capacity up to 2,000 cups/hour
Visit Date: Until August 31, 2012

DOSOMAT 2.3 Servo
3-lane rotary machine for filling pastry in aluminum cups with different formats. Closure by sealing an aluminum lid. Features quick-release system for fast changeover to different cup formats.

Cup size: Ø 63.5mm, height 16mm / 26mm, filling volume 30g / 50g - Ø 72mm, different heights, filling volume 50g / 75g
Capacity up to 8,000 cups/hour
Visit Date: Until September 7, 2012

PTI and Waldner welcome you to visit the factory and see these high performance filling machines in operation. The Waldner headquarters and factory are located in scenic Wangen, Germany. Closest major airports are in the following cities: Munich 200 km.; Stuttgart 160km; Zurich 140 km.

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