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Specialized in cup, tray, pouch and spouted pouch for dairy, pet food and baby food applications

Tuckahoe, New York and Wangen im Allgäu, Germany (May 11, 2018)
PTI and Waldner announce newly appointed member to the Waldner North America team.

Sam Troiano

Meet Sam Troiano,

"Waldner leads the industry in filling machines for dairy, pet food and baby food products, and is highly specialized in these applications. Whether the package format is cup, tray, pouch or spouted pouch, Waldner DOSOMAT equipment offers solutions for low volume requirements as well as high capacity machinery for large scale production", Sam commented.

Sam joins the Waldner North America team as product manager. He adds, “With our dedicated sales, project management, service and engineering staff for dairy, pet food and baby food, we carry out Waldner's core values and ensure that the customer’s needs are met in a timely manner every step of the way.” Whether it’s providing consultations on new or existing projects or providing technical support and service, PTI/Waldner North America work endlessly to not only satisfy client needs but to nurture an ongoing relationship.”

Waldner North America Team

“We understand one solution may not fit all companies’ products, and our team is ready to handle the most challenging and case sensitive requests. We are dedicated to earning your business and to effectively do our job as your provider”, Sam continues.


PTI/Waldner NA Service Technician, Charles Ackom

“Our strengths lie in our excellent service. Certified factory trained technicians undergo international training and in-shop education at the factory in Germany. Technicians are cross trained in mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, plc and quality/process control. Our service engineers visit the Waldner factory for training, modifications and to provide client feedback from the field. At Waldner North America, we understand that every client has unique requirements for each project and application, and it’s our commitment to satisfy each client’s individual needs.


  • Fully automated filling and sealing machinery for cups, trays, pouches or spouted pouches
  • MicroBio-Clean machines with cup and lid sterilization technologies for fresh dairy products
  • Extensive machine capability to meet specific, challenging requirements
  • Sanitary design with USDA /3A dairy environment construction
  • Rotary and inline systems depending on capacity/ output requirements (small footprint models)
  • High flexibility for customers that require versatility
  • U.S. based sales, service, spare parts, & support


PTI – PACKAGING TECHNOLOGIES & INSPECTION is located in Tuckahoe, NY. The team of engineers and scientists at PTI has a high level of expertise and knowledge in the packaging industry working with filling equipment for cups, trays, pouches, and spouted pouches. Our innovative team can also help bring new and creative package designs to market. We support brand differentiation and help make new packaging ideas and innovations a reality.


WALDNER, located in scenic Wangen im Allgäu, Germany is a global market leader in the field of fully automatic filling and sealing machines for packaging a variety of consumer goods from food to beverage for over 100 + years. With over 1,300 employees and many more all over the world, Waldner’s expertise in rotary and inline filling and sealing machines is the reason Waldner is proud to be a global supplier to companies such as Kraft, Nestle, Unilever, General Mills, Mars, Master Foods, Ameriqual and Initiative Foods. Waldner separates itself from the rest by customizing their machines according to their customers’ needs. With the use of various sterilization methods and servo technology, Waldner guarantees that they not only produce a Grade A machine, but deliver a complete solution that will effectively do the job according to each client’s unique application requirement. 

For media inquiries, contact Michelle Wolf | 973.252.6039 | m.wolf@ptiusa.com

For other inquiries, please contact Sam Troiano | 914.337.2005 | s.troiano@ptiusa.com

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