See Bag Filling, Sealing & Palletizing Machines During The Umbra Packaging Open House Event Showcasing New Technology For Pet Food


Umbra Packaging North America and PTI invite you to visit the Umbra factory in Italy for an open house event in January and February to see new bag packaging technology developed for the pet food market. During the open house, you will be able to view several Umbra packaging lines in operation. All visitors are welcome to test their own bags on Umbra machinery.

Please contact Julian Stauffer for more information, j.stauffer@ptiusa.com, 914.337.2005, cell 914.374.7959.

Open House days: JANUARY 18-22, 25-30, FEBRUARY 1 – 6, 2016

The following machines will be destined for pet food manufacturers in Europe and South America.

UPS Mini for small bags, 300g to 5kg. (10.5 oz. to 11 lb.) and a UPS palletizer


Premier Pet in Brazil chose Umbra to automate their pet food plant with six complete Umbra bagging and palletizing lines.

Two complete UP 1000 lines for small, medium and large bag sizes 1 kg. to 25kg. (2-1/2 lb. to 55 lb.) and two UPR palletizers  

Josera in Germany chose Umbra Packaging for their complete bagging and palletizing lines for their new pet food plant.

UPS Mini Plus for bag sizes from 0.5 to 10 kg. (1 lb. to 22 lb.) and a UPR palletizer.  

Rettenmaier in Germany chose Umbra to automate a new project for packaging cat litter and pellets.

UP 1000 UPR Palletizer UPS Mini-Plus

PTI is the North American agent for Umbra Packaging. For more information, visit www.ptipacktech.com or call 914.337.2005.