PTI and Steriflow at IFTPS Conference


Tuckahoe, NY (February 13, 2013) - Packaging Technologies & Inspection and Steriflow Thermal Processing will exhibit at the upcoming IFTPS Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, March 5-8, 2013 at the Drury Plaza Riverwalk Hotel.

IFTPS is an International Organization whose mission is to provide leadership and education for thermal processing specialists to enhance awareness and ensure public health safety by using the knowledge of a diverse membership through communication, networking, research and establishing best practices. IFTPS continues to operate exclusively for the purpose of fostering education and training for people interested in procedures, techniques and regulatory requirements for thermal processing of all types of food or other materials, and for the communications of information between its members and other organizations.

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Steriflow Thermal Processing will present technical data regarding cascading water technology and the highly efficient temperature distribution in the Rotary Steriflow. Presentation data will show an outstanding temperature homogeneity in the retort for plastic cups containing baby food, in a rotary Steriflow diameter 1600 mm 5 basket retort and also for 400g cans in a rotary Steriflow diameter 1800 mm 5 basket retort.

Steriflow offers high performance sterilization technologies (cascading water, rotary and static systems) for the food, pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. Steriflow SHAKATM solutions provide faster retort/sterilization process resulting in better taste for shelf stable products. Steriflow manages an ever growing, complete customer service pilot laboratory facility with dedicated food scientist on staff to assist both existing and potential customers with testing and trial project evaluations. PTI is the North American Agent for Steriflow.

PTI will present information about non-destructive package inspection systems, specifically HVLD and Seal-Scan®/Seal-Sensor ultrasound technologies. Critical issues with retort pouches continue to be seal quality and pouch integrity," stated Oliver Stauffer, vice president/COO of PTI. "Detecting defects early on in the manufacturing process is critical to increasing output, reducing waste, while assuring product quality and shelf life. Learn about the latest advancements in retort package inspection for seal verification and defect detection including pinholes, cracks, channel seal defects, delaminations, inclusions, misaligned seals, incomplete seals and insufficient seal width.

PTI Inspection Systems is the leading manufacturer of non-destructive package inspection technologies for the pharmaceutical, medical device, food and container industries. We offer inspection systems for package integrity testing, seal integrity, leak testing and container closure integrity testing (CCIT). Our technologies exclude subjectivity from package testing, and use test methods that conform to ASTM standards. PTI Inspection systems provide repeatable, reliable results and can be used at any point in the manufacturing process as they are non-destructive, non-invasive and require no sample preparation.

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For further information, please contact Michelle Wolf: m.wolf@ptiusa.com. 973.252.6039/973.479.8626.