PTI Joins Snack Food Association (SFA)


Tuckahoe, New York (January 22, 2013) - Packaging Technologies & Inspection/PTI is pleased to announce its membership in the Snack Food Association. The SFA provides comprehensive information on the snack food industry. The association is the leading source of U.S. snack food sales data and trends within the industry, and keeps members informed about regulatory and legal issues.

"This is a timely opportunity to join the SFA and promote PTIs packaging machinery solutions and package inspection technologies that include specialty applications for snack food packaging," commented Michelle Wolf, marketing communications manager.

PTI Packaging Systems Division offers fully integrated packaging line machinery solutions to include filling and sealing of pre-made pouch, sachet, stick pack, cup and tray. Applications include form-fill-seal packaging and gas flush packaging machinery to maintain flavor and quality of snack foods. Products include fruit, candies, nuts, cereals and granolas, crackers, beef jerky, and many other snack food products.

PTI inspection Systems Division offers non-destructive package integrity inspection and leak detection solutions for snack food packaging including the following package formats:

  • Flexible Packaging (Pouches, Stick Packs and Sachets)
  • Composite Cans
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)


Wolf added, "Maintaining shelf life for packaged snack foods is a continuous challenge, and PTIs solutions are up to the task to insure package quality." Read recent case study about snack food package testing: http://www.ptiusa.com/email/Snack_Food_Package_Integrity_Testing.pdf

About Snack Food Association
SFA keeps its members abreast of the latest developments in a rapidly changing business environment by offering a wide array of educational opportunities. From seminars with top-notch speakers to sponsorship of research at leading universities, SFA helps its members remain on the leading edge of knowledge needed to successfully manage and grow their businesses. To learn more about the Snack Food Association: http://www.sfa.org/promotion.php.

About PTI
PTI Inspection Systems is the leading manufacturer of non-destructive package inspection technologies. We offer inspection systems for package integrity testing, seal integrity, leak testing and container closure integrity testing (CCIT). Our technologies exclude subjectivity from package testing, and use test methods that conform to ASTM standards. PTI Inspection systems provide repeatable, reliable results and can be used at any point in the manufacturing process as they are non-destructive, non-invasive and require no sample preparation. Visit www.ptiusa.com.

PTI Packaging Systems engineers, manages and services fully integrated packaging line machinery solutions to include filling and sealing of pouch, sachet, stick pack, cup and tray applications and retort sterilization. PTI's vertical approach offers the perfect blend of the best in class high speed/high output equipment with complete packaging line solutions for weight control, seal quality and optimum production and line efficiency. PTI has partnered with world class manufacturers and leaders in the packaging machinery industry who have a reputation for exceptional quality, consistent performance, reliability and long operating life. Visit www.ptipacktech.com.


For media inquiries, please contact Michelle Wolf: m.wolf@ptiusa.com. 973.252.6039/973.479.8626.