See Bag Filling and Sealing Machines during December Open House at Umbra Packaging


See Bag Filling and Sealing Machines during December Open House at Umbra Packaging

PTI and Umbra invite you to visit the factory in Italy for an open house event during the month of December to see our latest automatic filling machines for dry granular products. The open house begins December 3 through December 22. During the open house, you will be able to view several Umbra packaging lines in operation. The following machines will be destined for pet food manufacturers in the United States and Europe:

  • UPS Mini for small bags 300g to 5kg.
    (10.5 oz. to 11 lb.)
  • UP 1000 for small and large bag sizes 5kg to 25kg. (11 lb. to 55 lb.) plus UPR palletizer for bags and boxes
  • UP 1000 for bag sizes 1 kg. to 20kg. (2-1/2 lb. to 44 lb.) plus UPR palletizer for bags and boxes
  • UPD EVO for bag sizes 1 kg. to 25 kg. (2-1/2 lb. to 55 lb.) plus UPR palletizer for bags, boxes and shrink wrap system
  • UPS Mini Plus for bag sizes 0.5 to 12 kg. (1 lb. to 26 lb.) plus UPR palletizer

Visitors will have the opportunity to see demonstrations of all bag sizes within the specified range, with the possibility to test their own bags as well.

Julian Stauffer, manager of PTI’s Packaging Division, commented, “Umbra is also pleased to announce that the German Pet Food company, Josera, has chosen Umbra Packaging to automate a brand new plant with two complete bagging lines and palletizing systems. We encourage our U.S. customers to plan a visit to see these bagging lines in person. Please contact us for more information. “

Julian Stauffer: j.stauffer@ptiusa.com. 914.337.2005, cell: 914.374.7959 Ken Dowd: k.dowd@ptiusa.com. 914.337.2005, cell: 516.506.2923


Umbra Packaging Systems

Umbra manufactures bag filling and sealing machinery for all sorts of dry products in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and agricultural industries. Umbra specializes in packaging dry pet food and pet care products, providing a full range of equipment from basic filling and sealing machines to fully automated lines, including multi-head weighers, case loading, palletizing, and stretch wrapping systems. Umbra is headquartered in the city of Petrignano di Assisi, located in the scenic region of Umbria, Italy.

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PTI Packaging Systems specializes in packaging machinery solutions for filling and sealing pouches, sachets, stick packs, cups and trays. Applications range from products in individual portion packs up to bulk size bags. Solutions include retort sterilization and integrated downstream equipment. PTI’s supplier partners produce exceptional equipment that provides the performance, reliability, flexibility and versatility customers need. Our team can also bring new and creative package designs to market. We support brand differentiation and help make new packaging ideas and innovations a reality. Visit PTI’s website: www.ptipacktech.com to learn more.