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Aluminum Cups and Trays

Constantia Aloform is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of deep-drawn aluminum cup and tray packaging for the food industry.  As deep-drawing specialists, Constantia Aloform offers a wide range of shapes and sizes, and will develop new aluminum package formats around your product specifications.  The specific requirements for each product and customer are often unique and different, and Constantia is eager to accommodate each application.   For your portion pack packaging projects, Constantia Aloform is your competent and experienced partner. 

  • Bringing new and creative package designs to market
  • Material development and conversion expertise from plain aluminum to final product
  • Sustainable packaging with 100% recyclability
  • 2 year shelf life - perfect moisture, oxygen, & light barrier
  • Preserves and protects food - reduces food waste
  • Lightweight and stackable for efficient packing & shipping
  • Unit cost savings converting from the steel/tin can
  • Standard and special custom shapes
  • Numerous color options, designs, and lidding formats
  • Coffee & snacks - Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Pates, spreads, & ready meals - Sterilized Products
  • Beverages, jams, jellies, honey, creams and fruit mixes - Hot Filled
  • Baked goods, pastries, desserts - High Temperature Products
  • Burning gels, tobacco products - Products Exposed to Flame
  • Airlines, hotels, restaurants - Food Service Products
  • Microwavable products and oven safe products
Efficiency and Sustainability of Aluminum Cups and Trays

Compared to other materials, aluminum better protects and preserves food.  The barrier effect of aluminum significantly reduces food waste, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s not only efficient and effective in protecting and preserving the product, it also protects and helps preserve the environment. 

The recycling of aluminum containers saves up to 95% of the energy used when compared with its initial production cycle.  The recycled aluminum is mainly used in industrial applications, such as construction or insulation.  Therefore, the material used in a short lifecycle with the consumer, ends up in a long life cycle until it will be recycled again.