Cream Cheese Manufacturer Installs Waldner Cup Filling Technology To Increase Manufacturing Productivity

PTI/Waldner Provides Solutions, Personalized Service to Turn Small Business’s Investment in DOSOMAT Machine Into Future Growth

J&L Foods Specialties is a small family-owned co-packer and manufacturer of flavored cream cheese and cream cheese spreads based in Glassboro, New Jersey. The company began as a retail store inside a farmers market in 1994, selling a variety of dairy products. John Esh, who purchased the retail market from relatives, added his own line of cream cheese spreads to the existing line of cheese products and was content with the size and scope of his business, but the quality of his products soon had customers asking for more.
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Packaging Digest Cover Story December 2007 Retorting Fruit cups at Del Monte

A new packaging systems at Del Monte’s giant plant in Modesto CA FILLS and SEALS 700 4 oz. fruit cups/minute  and sterilizes them in two batch retorts. 

The team determined that Waldner’s fill and seal machine and the company itself best met their needs. The Waldner DOSOMAT 12-lane wide, intermittent-motion filler indexes two lanes per cycle for a total of 24 cups per cycle. Each four-oz cup contains about three oz of fruit and one oz of light syrup. These are filled by four filling stations - a minor fruit filler, a major fruit filler, a liquid filler and a liquid fill-to-level filler. After filling, the cups are conveyed to the sealing area, where they are steam or gas-flushed and then sealed by conduction heat.