WALDNER Spouted Pouch Filling & Sealing Machines

Solutions for Pouches with Spouts, Caps or other Fitments

Waldner’s DOSOMAT Spouted Pouch Filling Systems provide solutions for filling and sealing pre-made pouches with spouts, caps and other fitments.  DOSOMAT’s rotary and inline pouch systems offer solutions for low output pouch filling and high productivity, high-volume pouch filling applications. 

Pouches with Spouts, Caps or other Fitments

Waldner offers three solutions for filling, sealing and capping:

  • Seal the spout in the pouch, fill through the spout, and then apply the cap closure
  • Fill through pouch center spout and apply cap closure
  • Corner spouted pouch:  fill through top opening of pouch and seal
  • Baby food, beverages, purees, sauces, dairy and other products
  • Unlimited product fill applications
    • Hot fill or retort products  
    • Liquids with or without small particulates

Low output solutions and Pilot Lab solutions in rotary format

Capacity: Up to 100* pouches per minute.


For high-productivity, high-volume pouch filling

Capacity: Up to 500* pouches/minute.

*Capacities are application dependent

Integrated Downstream Solutions

Various options available for pick and place, discharge to retort and case packing solutions


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Corner spouted pouch