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Packaging Powder Ingredient Products Presents Challenges in Finding the Right Equipment Solution

A leading nutritional ingredients manufacturer, with its headquarters in the United States and one of its locations in Italy, contacted Umbra Packaging regarding a special project for packaging powder products. This customer had experienced several critical issues in one of its production facilities, which caused serious problems for that facility. They identified each of these issues to develop a specification required to bring in a new bagging machine line. The Italian branch of the company had informed their U.S. colleagues about Umbra’s experience and success in packaging powdered products for human and animal ingredients. Representatives from both the U.S. and Italy visited Umbra Packaging to see firsthand their machinery capabilities for this specialized application. In their meeting with Umbra Packaging, they shared the following list of challenges to overcome:

  • The product is very powdery causing a dusty environment.
  • With a certain mixture of gases and an electrical spark, the product can be explosive.
  • Product changeovers have caused cross contamination issues in the plant.
  • The newer products are in a new bag format which cannot be run on the old machines, and they still have customers using the existing bag formats, so they need a machine that can run both bag styles.
  • The customer requires multiple types of closures with the combination of paper and plastic bags that they need to produce.

Each area of concern that the customer introduced, Umbra had the solution. Therefore, during the meeting at Umbra Packaging, the proposed machine solution with a special hygienic design, similar to what is used for pharmaceutical products, addressed each of the challenges identified above:

  • The machine features a specialized aspiration system to manage the powdery product and contain the dusty environment within the filling chute.
  • Most mechanical and electrical parts are in a separate chamber from the handling of the bags and product.
  • The machine is completely enclosed in order to help minimize contact with the external environment
  • The machine will be made with the ATEX 22 certification for products that can be explosive under certain atmospheric conditions
  • The filling spout is easily removed and washed to avoid cross contamination of products.
  • The machine has the flexibility to handle multiple kinds of bags, mainly paper and plastic.
  • The machine has the capability to accommodate different closure techniques; heat sealing for plastic bags and stitching for paper bags.

After the visit at Umbra Packaging and a visit to a local powder ingredient manufacturer using Umbra equipment, the customer was impressed with the technical capability, the reliability, and the overall efficiency of the entire line. The customer concluded that Umbra’s solution was the best available in the market for their application and subsequently chose to work with Umbra on the project.

Key Benefits of the Umbra Packaging System:

  • Process reliability
  • Machine structure is easy to inspect and clean
  • Flexiblity in the bag materials and closures
  • No cross contamination
  • The filling spout is easily removed and washed to avoid cross contamination of products.
  • Minimizes dust
  • Hygienic design used for pharmaceutical grade products